how to index a timeline to an end date

I’m looking to create a repeatable checklist for an event. I’d like the entire set of activities to remain static relative to each other when I move the end date. In other words, if i push out the end date by 1 week, I’m aiming to have all supporting activities and tasks push out by 1 week.

Is this possible? I’ve been able to go to the timeline view, highlight all and drag to new dates, but would love if there was a simpler way. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Jon_Mezlo
Not sure if this would work but in TimeLine view you have the option to set Auto shift (Prevent Dependency Conflict) so if you made all tasks dependent on a First Task ie Start Event Activities then if you moved that by 1 week it should move all the dependent tasks including the end date by 1 week.

Hope that helps.



Thanks so much for the quick response. Looks like that will help maintain the relative order of tasks - but unfortunately not the data separation for all. Will continue playing with it - appreciate the input

No worries @Jon_Mezlo

@Phil_Seeman does Flowsana have anything that can assist in this space?


Yes, it does - @Jon_Mezlo, the Auto-Adjust workflow type in Flowsana will adjust dates of dependent tasks as you describe. (If you try it, be sure to turn OFF the “Prevent Dependency Conflict” option as it can conflict with Flowsana’s shifting of tasks.)

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