How to import Assignee and show up on Gantt chart


Hello, Community! I’ve trying to import a project with the CSV import feature. I have it working. My only issue is that once I map an assignee via the import, that Assignee only shows up as a resource, but not an assignee. I have to go back and physically assign the person to the task.

The only way for the Gantt chart to show properly is for assignees to be on each task.

Seems backwards that I can map an assignee for import, but assignee isn’t assigned. Anyone else have that issue or have solved this problem?


According to you can map to the assignee field. But the screenshot shows email addresses and the doc says “Your column that contains the name of the teammate responsible”. Which one did you try?


I mapped the Assignee field to email address. The assignee appears under the resource, but I want/expect the name to appear in Assignee and have the task ASSIGNED. Wasn’t sure if I am doing something wrong in my data entry or if there is a template out there I should be using.