How to implement an alternative attachement source


We use a privately hosted Seafile instance for our file sharing, I would like to implement an adapter much like google Drive/Dropbox for this.

Any hints are greatly appreciated!

Hi @Bart_van_Leeuwen, unfortunately we don’t expose a capability to implement an attachment picker/uploader in the same way that we have for Drive/Sharepoint/Dropbox etc.

However, attachment links can be created via the API using an external resource_subtype.

And if you wanted to mimic a file picker pattern, you could implement a Lookup using app components

Hi @TonyC ,

Thanks for the reply, I indeed figured out that a app component would do the trick for our use case.
Do app component URI’s support alternative protocols beyond http/https? in our case seafile:// would meet the requirements of the integration we are looking at.

To follow up,

I’ve created an App component that is linked to a seafile:// URI and it works brilliantly.
If I copy the seafile:// URI into the search field, the server component gathers the information from our Seafile server and returns the widget.
Once clicked up on, the desktop Seafile applet will handle the file location.

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