How to have subtasks show up by due date

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I use a LOT of subtasks, all with important deadlines. When I do this, if the parent task does not have a due date, the subtasks with assigned due dates don’t show up in my timeline.

Is there a way to fix this?


I am confused: do subtasks ever show up in timeline? For me they never did. The parent task does however only if it has a due date.

Check out my post about workarounds 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds. 2 main ways around this:

  • don’t use subtasks too much, and promote subtasks as tasks as often as possible
  • multi home subtasks into the project (I really recommend not to though)

That’s right, subtasks don’t show up on the timeline at all even with a due date assigned, but this is a functionality I really need so I’m wondering if it’s possible to achieve this somehow.


Yes, by multi homing them or promote them to tasks, see my workarounds on the linked page.

Hi Bastien, thanks for your help so far. While I agree with everyone in these related threads that this would be a very valuable add to the software, I’m willing to use the workaround for now. I don’t want to create a new project just for subtasks because I want to be able to see the subtasks on the Gantt chart from within the project, and want to be able to view which subtasks are due that day in that project, also from within the project. I’m trying to follow the advice to assign a person and due date to the subtasks to make it appear in the calendar, but can’t get this to work. Can you clarify for me how I can get subtasks to show up in the calendar and timeline/Gantt chart without assigning them to a separate project for subtasks?

The easiest way is to run an advanced search for subtasks only in this project > multi-select them > add them all to the project. Tell me if you need any help with any of those steps.

It is usually easier to have a section in the project called “Subtasks” in which place the subtasks.

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Hi @Gregory_German! thanks for reaching out :wave:

Adding to what @Bastien_Siebman mentioned, you can find more details about the advance search feature in this article. You can find the option to search for subtasks only in the +

Once you create your report, you can multi-select your subtasks and add them to the project.

I hope this helps!