How to get notifications with Asnaapp on Mac?




How can I accept notifications on MacOS when someone adds a task to me?
Or any notifications? I’ve just purchased the ASANAapp on the appstore, but it still not working? Any help, please?


Hi @Michael3,

Thanks for asking! The Asana app functions somewhat differently on mobile than it does on desktop. The mobile app does not currently offer notifications in the way I believe you’re describing, but it does provide in app notifications and quite a bit of other functionality. I recommend that you visit this Guide article for details and also watch the short video :slight_smile:



Hey @Alexis

Thank you, but I was talking about the asana app on the MacBook, not the mobile app.
I’ve bought the asana app with notifications, but I didn’t get any notification when someone adds tasks me. No notification badge or something like that.


Hi there,

I see. At this time desktop notifications are not available in Asana. Our current notifications include Inbox notifications and the orange icon indicating when you have new messages in your inbox. You’ll also see tasks due today rise to the top of your My Tasks.

You may be interested in participating in this feedback thread on push notifications: Push Notifications at 'Due Time'