how to get notification of a comment you make yourself on a running project


we are still trying to figure out asana.
one thing i want to ask is that if i make a comment and @ some other user, he gets the notification but when i @ myself i dont get email notifications.

the reason we want this is because in our office when someone else uploads a file or contributes (using my id) i dont come to know about it. but when some other user @ me i fo get the notification. so if someone else from our office makes a comment i should be able to get the notification and i know this thing was done today.

any way we can get notifications on things we add to a task?



This is not possible, Asana does not notify you about things you do yourself.

Are you saying you are sharing your account with others? If yes, then Asana has no reason to do anything to facilitate your situation :sweat_smile:

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yes they have access because they are supposed to send all the work to the clients using my id.
each person has their own designated project but all the work has to go to clients using one official id and not personal email ids. otherwise we already have gmail to keep track of things and dont need asana.
otherwise i will have to be in office all day and send all the work myself which means lot of time wasteage for such a small thing.
i am the company owner and i have a team. i dont need to send / upload everything on my own.
if asana is not able to notify then this is a drawback which needs to be looked into at your end.
if you @ urself in any other app or email you do get a notification

hope u add this feature soon


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