How to get list tasks create by user via REST API

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I am new to Asana. We are out of license, we are planning to remove users not logged in past 60 days. If we remove the user , all tasks assigned to user get unassigned. Is there any API to get Issue count again each users or any API for search ? Please suggest


Hi @Vikrant.Yadav,

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When you say “issue count against each user”, do you mean “count of tasks assigned to each user”? I’ll answer with the assumption that’s what you mean.

There’s no built-in API call to return the total number of tasks for a given user. However, you could use the Search API to retrieve all of a given user’s tasks and then do the count on your end.

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@Phil_Seeman Thanks for the search api. It gives only 100 result, how can I increase limit ?
maxResults = 500 also give 100 tasks.

May I know what is best approach to suspend user license ? So that task remain assigned to user but for new task user won’t visible in assignee field like in Jira even after user account deactivation task assigned to user(inactive).

You can’t; 100 is the max. Here’s how to deal with that:



@Phil_Seeman Thanks a lot for helping me.

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