how to get a task using custom filed value

hi @Phil_Seeman ,
i am trying to add a task , but unfortunately the task is already there.
so the same task created twice.

so is there any way to check on whether a task already exists or not using custom fields i.e. ID(not asana id) our application task id

thanks in advance.

if there is some other post or query related to same topic , please help me with the link that have solution , that will also help

Definitely! That’s exactly what the external data functionality is designed for; see here for details:

When you create a task via your application, store your own ID in that task’s external data. Then when you go to create a task, you can first query for that ID to see if it exists before you create the new task.

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can you please help me with the query string of the same ?

i cant see the demo example of the custom-external-data

This field is just like any other field on a task I believe, look at examples of how to update a task, and target that specific field. Let us know how it goes.