How to follow qualitative goals

Asana is great to follow quantitative goals, like “Reach 100M ARR” and then you publish updates with 50, 60, 85…

Things become trickier when you want to follow not easily measurable goals, like “Reach #1 position on Google”. You can’t really track the position as a metric…

In this case, we have 2 ideas at iDO:

  1. each status update shared whether or not the goal is achieved. 100% being #1, 0% not being #1. And you couple that with “on track” and “derailed” to have the appropriate color (green or red)
  2. you track the number of weeks you were #1. So your goal is actually 52/52, and each update will either add 1 or 0 to the previous number, in combination with the green or red goal

Both of those will produce a very nice timeline on the goal page!

Any other ideas?

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