How to follow a task that you've unfollowed when you now no longer have permissions



I have a guy working for me called Peter

I selected a task of his and clicked on Unfollow (I am the administrator for this company)
I thought by doing this it wouldn’t give me updates on this task
but instead it’s removed that sub task from my view so that I can’t see it anymore.

how can i bring this back


Hi @Robert_Krajnyk!

Do you have access to the project or parent task by any chance? If you do, you should be able to access the list of subtasks and follow the one you’re missing.

Alternatively, if you know anyone else following this subtask, they should be able to add you back as a follower.

Keep us posted!


I’ve assigned them via emial to people

However there is no project called zoo computer repairs, and when i search for it I only get

So it doesn’t show any items, only a convo window


Hi Marie

There doesn’t appear to be any projects, i’ve just assign stuff to my staff


Hi @Robert_Krajnyk; do you remember the name of the task you unfollowed or the name of the subtask you don’t have access to anymore?

If not, I’d recommend asking you colleague (to whom the task was assigned to) to add you again as a follower on this task!