How to find unassigned tasks after removing/deleting a user

We recently removed a user when she left the company. I had read in other posts that a “Previously assigned tasks” project is supposed to be created, but I can’t find it anywhere. How do I find the tasks that were assigned to that member, that are now unassigned?


Did you deprovision the person yourself in the Admin Console? If a project was created, you also got a task assigned to yourself pointing towards the project. If there is no project, it might be because you did not tick the right box… I suggest you reach out to support to ask for help!

PS: the project and the task would be private to the person who deprovisioned the user, if it wasn’t you, find out who it was :slight_smile:

Yes, I was the one to deactivate the user from the Admin Console. I didn’t get a task assigned to myself about the project, and I can’t find it if I search for it. I didn’t see a box to tick when deactivating her, so I don’t know what the “right” box would be. How do I reach out to support to figure this out?


You did not see this box?

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Here’s how to contact support → How to contact our Support Team ✉

No, I definitely wasn’t given that box to create a project when I deleted the user… Thanks for the help, I’ll contact the support team at your suggestion.

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