How to find context of "no project" tasks so I can assign the project?

I had a team member send me a pic of tasks that were assigned the wrong due date year and not assigned to a project. I think they are subtasks. I can’t find where they belong/context in order to assign the right date and project. Help! I can do an advanced search and find all the tasks but then what?

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@hellosaraflowers, All you can really do is look very carefully at all the info in the Task Detail (the right side of the page in Advanced Search after you click on a task). In particular, if the task is a subtask the parent(s) will be clickable links at the top above the subtask’s title. Don’t forgot to check the stories (you may need to expand to open) to see who created the task, when, and other audit history that might provide clues to context.

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You can share the pic (anonymized) so we can help!