How to filter tasks by assignee?


While in a Board Project, how do I filter tasks by assignee? I want to see what is particular person is responsible for.


Hi @Ruslan_Sudentas, as it stands it is not possible to sort Board projects by assignee, but if you have access to the Advanced Search you can run a search for all tasks assigned to this person in you board project

Hope this helps! :wink:


Thank you Marie. Unfortunately it doesn’t help as I need to see all tasks for a specific person sorted property on a board (to separate what is done, what is on to-do and what is on hold). There are too many people and too many tasks to make sense of it otherwise. Pity that asana misses such a basic use case.


Yeah that doesn’t help. The boards are a missed opportunity for sure. Not having the ability to filter boards by assigned or tags is such a basic feature almost all board views have that I’m surprised your product managers haven’t done. They really dropped the ball their. :frowning:


@Ruslan_Sudentas I’d recommend Teamwork if you want that ability.