How to edit Overview Tab in an enhanced project template

I have a project template that was converted to the new enhanced template. I want to edit information that is in the Overview Tab. How do I access that tab in the new version of the template? Thanks.


Asana is still adding features to Project Templates 2.0. I’m not sure if/when the feature to edit the Overview will be available there.

If you have the ability to recreate the template for subsequent use, you might try that. I’m not positive, and won’t have time to test right now, but you’d do something like this which I think has a good chance of working:

  1. Create a project from the template you are now using
  2. Edit the Overview in that newly-created project
  3. Create a new template from that edited project
  4. Test if it works the way you want.

Extra steps, but it’s a workaround that may achieve what you’re looking for.

Hope that helps,


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A little cumbersome but it works. Thanks.

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Thanks for confirming!!

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