How to EASILY move tasks between projects in board view


My friend showed me Asana in board view, and I liked what I saw, so I’m trying it out, still using board view. I was going to use Asana to organize my tasks into multiple projects that include a backlog and sprints. But to do that, I need to easily move tasks from one project to another. So far it seems impossible to do easily. I figured out how to open a task, click edit on the project area, change the project to another one, and then wait a few seconds for the column area to populate, then change the column. This is an arduous process for multiple tasks, and one I’m not willing to repeat to take 30 minutes every time I want to start a new sprint. So I think I’m going back to Excel if there isn’t an easy way to do this.


Hey Eva. Are you using Asana free or premium?


Using Asana free. Maybe it is too defeatured for me.


Unfortunately in board view there is no quick way to select multiple tasks at once and edit/add them to another project. BUT you could associate all your tasks into an extra project just once (a list view project). Then in THAT project in list view you can Shift+select multiple tasks to move them somewhere else in bulk. Essentially you are using an additional list view project as a workaround for an advanced search where it would be easy to multi-select + edit.
I recently was only using Asana (free) and I used additional project association for my tasks so that the section subdividers of the extra project could be used like custom fields to denote a status or type of something.