How to disconnect tasks syncing to my main calendar?

I got too excited about syncing my tasks to my calendar and synced to my main calendar instead of a separate one. How can I disconnect the sync into my main calendar?

Hi @Jacque_Garner you will need to unsubscribe the calendar from your Gmail or the Calendar App that you are using and then redo the process to the correct calendar.

eg. in Google Calendar you

There is an unsubscribe button down the bottom in the Calendar Settings.

I hope this helps.


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Sorry - I didn’t explain myself clearly. I IMPORTED into my main calendar and I needed it to go to a separate one.

Hey @Jacque_Garner, to connect to another calendar you would still have to disconnect the current google calendar first and then reconnect the calendar on your different google account.

That is not working?

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@Jacque_Garner Did you ever solve this? I had a similar issue. I was trying to sync to my ical. When the sync can through (desktop) it merged with my main work Calendar. I tired the sync a second time view my iPhone and it synced perfectly and created it own separate calendar. In ical if you ‘unsubscribe’ from a calender you delete. I can’t delete my entire work calendar.

Any suggestion appreciated.

Hi there, I have the same issue.
Does anyone have any ideas on solving it? :pray:t2:

Hi all,
Has there been a solution to this?
My colleague has imported her calender into iCal using the steps shown in this tutorial - Asana + Google Kalender, Outlook und Apple synchronisieren | Produkthandbuch • Asana-Produkthandbuch

Now we would like to delete this because it is showing up too many tasks, including private tasks on her calender which is shared with the whole organisation.

How can we delete this shared asana task calender?