How to deal with tasks you have NOT completed



Sometimes you need to “archive” a task that you haven’t completed without deleting it altogether (maybe you want to keep a record of the task or come back to it later).

In situations like this, I deal with the task by:

  1. Adding [DNC] (which stands for “Did not complete”) to the start of the task name.
  2. Post and pin a comment explaining why it was not completed.
  3. Mark as complete.

This way, you can keep the task for future reference but clearly identify it as a task that was not completed.

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Thanks for sharing @paulminors :wink:


Nice! My process is way simpler: 1. comment with why I did not do it 2. complete :sweat_smile:
But I like yours!


The main benefit is that “[DNC}” makes it searchable.


Great tip. Thanks!


I like the searchable aspect of it …
Nice tip!


How about adding a tag?

Wouldn’t that do the same thing?

I tested it and believe the answer is yes. Tags are searchable. Once you have chosen your tag Did not complete, you can change the view to Completed tasks.

Thanks for the tip. Very useful.


What I do is adding a “not completed” tag, and then mark them as completed, as @Michael_C_Kring was suggesting. I can confirm it works. It’s searchable, fast and clean.


I love this. @paulminors suggests a great solution, I like it, and suggests to add a tag to the tip. @jorgetoledo comfirms th. That is sharing of ideas and cooperation on a global scale.


Bugger. I cannot correct my spelling error. Confirms it is what I wanted to write.


Great tip!


I do wish there was a native way to archive a task without marking it as completed. I have to do a similar process whenever a task doesn’t get completed but I don’t want to lose the data and it always feels like I’m having to work-around the system.


Yeah, a tag is definitely another good way you can do this.