How to create the rule for tasks from the calendar

I have calendar where I sometimes put the tasks on today. Also in the column view I have the column To do Today. I want to make the rule - if the task is created with due day today(its like they are created in calendar view) the stage of the task is changed to “to do today”.

Trid with Due day but it doesn’t work

thanks in advance

Welcome, @Afin,

For when you put a task in section/column To do Today, use a rule like this:

where the action is to change the stage.

Add another, separate rule like this:

to handle when you want to catch the due date. But this particular rule (due date is approaching) will only fire once just after midnight, so that’s why it didn’t work for you. It will only catch due dates in the future, not today or in the past. You could add another rule triggered by Overdue, which might help you.



Hello! Thank you for help but it seems that it doesn’t work at least first option. When the task is created through the calendar

I need simple working rule -
When due date is set as today - move to To Do Today section

Do you think it’s possible?


I confirmed the first rule I suggested is working. If you’re in the My Tasks > Calendar tab, you’d have to open the task detail pane to move it to To Do Today to get the rule to trigger.

I explained it’s not currently possible.



Can you suggest some channel to leave the proposition as rules around date time are extremely needed. Sure it’s not only my problem as it’s so simple and understandable

FYI this is available via our Flowsana integration; our due-date-based rule triggers fire when you set or change the due date, in addition to around midnight.

@Afin, you might want to vote for:

or search for other requests in Product Feedback to vote for, or add your own there.

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