How to create templates for tasks

It would so good if we could have this, and also link it forms. So getting the content of the form and a bunch of subtasks already created on the task.


Upvote on this one. Would save a ton of time.


I agree

Task templates at project/team level would be so useful.


I would also love to see a template for tasks available. Asana team, can you provide an update on this?


+1 to add this feature ASAP

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Adding my upvote to this. This would be a SUPER useful feature!

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Definitely needed. We create tasks that contain hundreds of sub-tasks that variosu team members complete and which are dependent on each other. Just duplicate the task and dependencies in a jiffy.

These project SOP’s created into Template Tasks are saved in their own section keeping them away from the rest.

The huge issue is that the tasks for each template get left in the assigned members task list compeltely overwhelming it. If you mark the task complete in the Template then that setting gets carried over when it is copied and someone has to sit and untick every subtask.

A complete waste of time that is totally uneccessary.

I suggest a tickbox to allow all completed tasks to be unticked in any Duplicated task. A very simple matter to add I would think too.


Agreed! Need a template on the task (preferably description) level. Please bump this up to the product team!

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Much has been said here about the templates and finally after reading the comments I can not agree more on the two main solutions

A | Create a template project with template tasks and duplicate the project when necessary.

B | Create template project in Excel or Google Sheets and import when necessary

I think they are the two most appropriate solutions.

If you prefer not to use “tricks” from third parties, then solution A is the most appropriate to your needs.

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Agreed! This would be super helpful. It would be great if this could be prioritized by the product team!


This is extremelly needed!


My free tools at does your requests. Sendana Add will duplicate project or tasks subject to constraints on custom fields. I have not tested for awhile but last time I knew they worked. Give it a try and let me know.

I’m looking for this feature specifically to be used with Zapier where I could create a Zap that would create a new Asana task based on a template for that task. That is, in a specified project, containing sub-tasks, description, collaborators, etc.


+1 to add this feature

Just started using Asana. Can’t believe this is not available :frowning:

+1 Please add a feature to support templates for tasks.

+1 to add task template feature ASAP

+1 to add this feature. It would dramatically streamline our daily operations.


+1 for this.

I appreciate the work-arounds people are posting, but you won’t believe the RAW NUMBER of work-arounds I employ on a daily basis to make this tool work (or maybe you would?). It very silly that that this tool doesn’t have a “template” task option. I should just be able to say “add this type of task” rather than keeping a project with template tasks, duplicating, moving to my real project.

Personally, I do like using the Asana import spreadsheet. That’s nice because it solves the problem for me – but it doesn’t for my organization. Asana is our tool; we don’t orient around having a “template upload spreadsheet”. We orient around Asana, and that’s where the templates should be.

That said – the solution should be inherent to the tool and operational at the organizational level, not a work-around that an individual can use just for themselves.