How to create multiple tasks from multiple images?

Hi there!

I want to upload multiple images and create different tasks in a project for every one of those images, and I don’t want to do it manually :slight_smile:

I’ve tried the solution here: How to easily create many tasks from many images?

Which is through Zapier. But the thing is, it’s only possible to create a new task (without attachment), or attach a certain attachment to a certain task on the trigger that a new file has come into the selected folder.

Is there a way to work around this?
Would be soooo helpful!!

Hi @Vera_Westenberg, thanks for reaching out.

I don’t believe there is a way to achieve this but I’m tagging @ambforumleader and @pforumleader to see if they have any other solutions :slight_smile:


I saw the message and tried to think about a solution but could not… I believe the best solution is to use Zapier:

  • trigger is “new document added to Dropbox folder”
  • action 1 is “create an Asana task”
  • action 2 is “attach image to a task”

Action 2 might not be that hard, if Dropbox in Zapier gives the document in the right format.

Worth testing it out!