How to Create a report 'tasks with today's due'?



I use advanced search and filters tasks with due date today (it doesn’t have ‘today’ option, just date).

So when I come back again with that report the next day, it doesn’t filter out today’s tasks. Is there a way to automatically save a report with all tasks due today?


Looks like “Due Date Within the last 0 days” might work for you…

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Hi @Leonarce!

Echoing what Bastien said, I would recommend this query! :slight_smile:


Thanks Marie, I understand that the screenshot is to filter out tasks with due date of 12 Sep. However if I save it and re run it again tomorrow it won’t list down task with today’s due date anymore.


Indeed, it is possible that my suggestion works whatever the day. I am not sure though :thinking:


My apologies, I wanted to illustrate @Bastien_Siebman idea and got mixed up! So here is the screenshot I meant to share

Note that this will also return overdue tasks!