How to create a Mac Touch Bar button to add tasks for anywhere!

I’ve just put together a small configuration that allows you to create an Asana “Create” button on your Mac’s Touch Bar keyboard to quickly create new tasks or reminders from anywhere. As you may know from most productivity systems, rule #1 is usually to have a centralised/unified “inbox” for all new tasks and activities - so there you go. It’s been working well for me and I use it many times a day when I’m not right inside of Asana anyway.

It’s a little technical but here’s a video tutorial:

It relies on the commercial BetterTouchTool, but I found that it’s definitely worth it!

And here’s a textual (but very terse) tutorial that could be a little harder to follow but may be sufficient for the techies:

Finally, make sure that you don’t share your Asana API token with anyone, because it is the access “key” to all your Asana data.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.