How to create a Country List Column Field?

Hi there,
I have tasks which are related to various countries around the world. Rather than typing the name of the country I would like my team to select it from a list. Is that possible? Dropdown is limited to 50. Maybe there’s a neat trick to do that?

Hi Jonathan
You can try tags but I’m not sure that it will be comfortable to use. Also You could create separate public team with projects which are names of a countries. When you want add to task country, you have to add it to country_project.


Hi Jonathan, this is a very valid point. Currently the drop down feature is only limited to 50 fields. Using tags is another way to add countries, even though I understand it is not the same have to select from drop down menu. Here is the thread that includes lots of ideas to improve custom fields, of which the top one is to remove the restriction on the 50 limit. I hope this helps!

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Thanks Rashad! The tagging seems like a good alternative. I assume it will be easy to create a report based on a specific tag.

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Yes, you are correct. You can go to search bar on the top right, click on advanced search, add filter and select tag - you can customise further based on your needs and the report will be produced.