How to coordinate one project between members of different teams

A question on teams functionality.

Our print and publishing house has several teams, such as designers, administration and editors/publishers. We want to use Asana to coordinate projects between multiple teams (inter-teams) and not inside of one team (intra-team).

A book project could be designer 1 working together with editor 2 and account manager 1, while another book project could involve designer 3 and editors 1 ànd 2 with account manager 2. Teams on projects are not fixed in that way, workflow differs from project to project.

How do we address this when starting the project and assigning tasks, as we do not have’ standard’ teams? Do we need to make a micro-team with every possible combination beforehand? Or do we include everybody from team design and team editors and “lock out” the people who are not on that specific book project? Everybody in those teams is allowed to see these projects going on. But they do not have to be involved in the details if they are not working on that specific project.

Feel free to share your thoughts on how to build a workflow for this situation. Or should we approach it completely different?

Welcome, @Andy_Vanvoorden,

For a book, do you just have one single Asana project? I’m assuming so (though this idea could work even if a book requires more than one Asana project).

Add a team called All or Staff for shared projects like book projects (and for projects that pertain to all, like org-wide info.

Place each book project in this All or Staff team; make it Public to All or Staff, and add as Project Members just those who work on this book (and set their project notifications appropriately). That should address all the needs you listed.

I’d also recommend you keep the teams it seems you have already (designers, administration and editors/publishers) for intra-team projects.


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