How to Contact a Private User HELP ASAP



Users in the tasks I am supposed to do are all indicated as Private Users except for my boss. I am supposed to email one of them for the work instructions; however, I am unable to make a “team chat” with them using the tips I have gathered from another thread. Note that I was not assigned the task, but mentioned in the comment section to work on it together with a private user, and with the help of another private user.

Please help. I have been trying to navigate the site since yesterday.


Hi @Bai_Almira_Faiqah_Si

Could you explain a little bit more about the situation? Do you mean that the task is located in a private project? Or are the other users from a different team? Just trying to understand how this is set up.



Hello, I am not sure, but I think that I am not part of the team but was mentioned to do the task in the comments’ section. The same goes for the other tasks which I was assigned as I am unable to see the people mentioned that I have to collaborate with. They all reflect the same Private User name.


That’s weird, because I’ve never come across a Private User name. My initial thought would be that you should add a comment to the task yourself, explaining the situation, and one of the other users will be able to either contact you directly or invite you to their team/project.

Would you be able to share a screenshot? You can do so in a private message if you don’t want it to be public.



I think this post might offer the solution:


Larry Berger
Trilogi Software: Asana Consulting


Ah, that’s it. I had no idea that was how it worked. Thanks, Larry.

@Bai_Almira_Faiqah_Si, it looks like your boss needs to add you all to the same team or project.


Thank you both! Will inform my boss about it.