How to confirm that I've secured a account that is student verified

I’m attempting to use Asana for a school project, but want to confirm that I have gotten verified and will be able to use it for the school year as I saw was advertised when I signed up. I did the verification, and soon after got a confirmation email that said my student ID was verified with SheerID and that I would be contacted by “Asana User Operations” soon after for next steps. The issue is soon after that confirmation email, I got a handful of emails afterwards asking me to complete the verification process and it continued to send me to the same information confirmation screen that I had already filled out before. I filled it out again and got an error (I’m assuming because that same information with my same email was already in the system). I’m just interested to know if my student ID confirmation actually happened, and if I will get the account to use for the year, like was advertised on the Asana site.

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The best thing to do in this case is to get in touch with the support team; they’ll be able to assist you with this matter.


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Thank you for the recommendation!

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