How to collapse sections in iOS app?

How to collapse sections in iOS app? Scrolling down past sections is very slow in the iOS app. Is there a way to collapse the sections? And by sections I’m specifically referring to new, today, upcoming …

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At this time we are unable to collapse sections in the iOS app. However, this feedback is helpful for our team! We’ve been consistently updating the Asana mobile app on iOS and Android. I recommend keeping up with the Asana blog, which reports mobile updates on a regular basis. Here’s a blog post you might like.

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Please count me as another vote for this feature in the iOS app.


Is there any other way to move items between sections other than drag and drop? Drag and drop is difficult when you have a large number of items on the iPhone app.

I have another post about that, would love to be able to move without drag and drop:


What does that blog post (Here’s a blog post you might like.) have to do with this shortcoming???

Can I change this post to a feature request or do I have to create a new one?

I’ve added this thread to the product feedback category. The blog post is meant as an example of the ways Asana has recently updated the mobile app and an indicator that we do hear your feedback and we’re chipping away at these updates little by little. :slight_smile:

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