How to change organisation

Our organisation is in a transition period where our email addresses are changing, such that we will merge into a second existing organisation. I tried to add my new email address as a second email address, in the hope I could then remove my old one, but Asana already knows this is an organisation, so now I belong to two organisations. Eventually our old email addresses will be disconnected, so I’m concerned we will lose access to our projects within our old organisation. Is there a way of changing organisation (and your projects moving with you) rather than having to move projects across? If not, is there a good way of moving projects from one organisation to another? So far I’ve only found the CSV export method (which doesn’t maintain comments or timestamps) or using third party software which I don’t want to do.


You should talk to about this, they should be able to help with this specific case. They can even migrate an entire org into another one if needed.


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