How to? Change Email forwarding settings for creating tasks

Hi All,

Hoping someone might have a solution for me for a problem with email forwarding to create a new task. I’ve had a search through the forums but couldn’t find another thread on this so apologies in advance if it’s been asked already.

I’m trying to find a way to change the email forwarding settings to work better for me in regards to automatically creating tasks as reminders of emails without assingees and collaborators.

Ideally I’d like to be able to have a process where any email received creates a task that is assigned just to myself regardless of who is in the to, cc or bcc fields. This would then allow me to add my asana email as a bcc to any email I’m responding to which will then create a task in my asana projects assigned to me and i will then process t follow up on as needed.

Currently if I bcc my Asana email depending on who is in the to fields or cc fields the task is assigned to someone else and collaborators added that aren’t needed.

My current work around is any time I send an email that needs to be followed up on I go into my sent items and forward the sent email to my asana email which then creates a clean task. This works but would be much better to automate and any email i need to follow up on I can just add my Asana email as a bcc as I’m having to do the above for sometimes hundreds of emails each week and is time I would rather be using elsewhere.

Does anyone know / have a solution for this?


Happy Monday @James_Deighton and welcome to the Forum!

You are correct here. When you forward an email to Asana, this is how it currently gets interpreted:

To be honest, I believe that your current workaround is the best solution here but in case you haven’t read about it, I would also suggest you to have a look at the Auto Forwarding feature. You might find it helpful!