How to change edit rights for each Guest at the Portfolio level (without having to do it project by project)

On the Enterprise level, is there a way to change edit rights for each Guest at the Portfolio level, without being required to go into each individual Project to make changes? For example, if we want to share a Portfolio with Guest 1, Guest 2, and Guest 3, is there a way to give Guest 1 edit rights to all projects within the portfolio, but give Comment Only rights to Guest 2 and Guest 3 for all 30 projects in that Portfolio?

Specifically: can the edit rights be changed on the Portfolio level for each Guest and those changes would be applied to all Projects in the Portfolio? Right now, our team is having to go project by project to make those changes, and it is very time-consuming. We are hoping there is a way to do it at the portfolio level so that the permissions apply to all cases within that portfolio. Alternatively, we’d like to know if the guest permissions can default to Comment Only since we will have more of those users than edit rights-users within our space.

Thanks for any ideas!