How to change due date of task(s) when ALL tasks in a section are complete?

Hello! I would like to create a rule to update the due date or priority of tasks once all tasks from the previous section have been completed. For example:

Section 1

  • Task1
  • Task2
  • Task3

Section 2

  • TaskA
  • TaskB
  • TaskC

Essentially, each task in section 2 has a dependency on ALL the tasks in Section 1. I’d like the Rule to run something like this: If [all tasks in Section 1 marked complete (in any order)] then [Change due date of all tasks in Section 2]


The only way I can think of doing this is to make all tasks in section 2 dependent on all tasks in section 1, then use the “When task is no longer blocked” rule to change the due date.

There is a limitation on the number of dependencies that can be associated with a task (I believe 50), that may make this workaround not work for you.

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This seems to work, thank you!

Do these dependencies save to a template?

@JT_J, yes, you can save dependencies to a template.