How to auto-duplicate tasks upon completion

Hello! I have a social media calendar with one task per posting and am trying to figure out a way to:
1- auto-duplicate a task upon completion
2- auto-duplicate a task upon completion adding a prefix to the task title

Neither Google or searching here have not provided any way thus far to set it up. Thanks so much in advance for any help!

Welcome, @Jennifer_Lorah,

Could you use a recurring task, perhaps recurring periodically (say a week later)? This will auto-duplicate a new task upon completion of the old one (if set to recurring). The Asana Guide for this seems out of date but you can easily find this when you set a Due date for a task.

For a prefix, (/cc @Phil_Seeman) might be able to help.

Hope that helps,


Thanks, @lpb.

@Jennifer_Lorah, you can add a prefix to a task’s name in a Flowsana rule action; example:


This uses Flowsana’s Variable Substitution capability.

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