How to assure all tasks are included in a report?

If you’re creating a report to view the time worked by another user, say Sara, what happens if you don’t have permission to see all of Sara’s tasks? Tasks you can’t see will presumably not be included in the report you’re creating. So some of the time that Sara has worked could get missed. How to address this?

There is no, nor should there be, a back way to gain access to tasks to which permissions have not been granted. The only solutions I see for creating a comprehensive report on Sara’s tasks are:

  1. Make sure she “homes” all of her tasks to one or more project(s) that you, the report creator, have access to. (She can make this easier for herself by creating and saving a report on tasks that need homing, and bulk homing them - perhaps periodically right before reporting.)

  2. Have Sara run the report herself. You can give her the report definition and even create a recurring task for her to create this report and send the output to you.


Thank you, @anon91170507 !

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The consequence to shared reports is interesting. It means that different people looking at the same report could see different numbers.

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