How to add reminders to events on our calendar?

We are a Marketing/Communications Dept. that coordinates various types of events. I’ve set up ‘projects’ for each type of our events (i.e Marketing/Sponsorship Events, Charitable Events, Office Parties) then tied each project to a “Social Media” project, so that all events will show up on the one Social Media calendar. So now to my question - What’s the best way to add reminders to the calendar so that all team members will get an email notification(s) for the events? We need to have the flexibility to add one or more notifications depending on the event type. For example…we may need a reminder set simply to remind us to attend (a week and/or 2 days in advance) plus a reminder to contact another department to send us pics from the event…in addition to having the event on the calendar, on the actual date it’s happening (which I understand is by adding the Due Date on the project dictates this). Thank you!

Your best chance is to look at Rules, with the trigger being “Due date is approaching” and then you can rules for 7 days before, 2 days before… and you can combine it with a custom field in the triggers to decide what reminders you want to receive.

Let me know if that helps!

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Thank you for the response! I looked at this option, but it seemed too limiting since all of the events within the project will need to have the same notifications then, correct? I will look again. It still may be a better option that what I currently tried setting up, which is too manual - adding a subtask to each with a due date and assignee (which then adds each “reminder” to the assignee’s My Tasks list. Not good. Can you tell me what type of notification will be sent (email and/or task notification) and who will receive the notifications? …meaning the collaborators or project owner? Thanks for your help!

Notifications of things happening on tasks only go to the task collaborators. Project members get notified about project statut updates, messages (not comments) and new tasks being created, if their project notifications say so. Hope this helps.

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