How to add approvals to close asana task


Hi All,

I am new to Asana and need to setup tasks that needs to be approved by multiple people before it can be closed. I also need to retain the approvals for audit trail. Is this something possible in Asana?



We use custom fields with an “review” and then “approved” option. You could try that method. But there’s nothing stopping anybody from checking off the task early. For example, the custom field might still be in “review” when someone checks it off. So your team will have to know this as part of the process and only check of tasks after approval.


You can also add subtasks assigned to each of the reviewers. But, as @William1 mentioned, you would still be able to mark the parent task as complete even though subtasks may be incomplete. Since Asana records comments and dates/times, you would have a complete history of when each reviewer approved, and any comments.