How to add and link Asana Dependencies to Taskbar


I have a question regarding Dependencies in Asana. Is it possible to add a “Dependencies” field to the taskbar of any Asana project and have it be linked to Dependencies in the specific task, or does this have to be manually done?


Hi @Development_Assistan and welcome to the forum,

Could you explain a bit more about what specifically you’re wanting? (A screenshot might be helpful.) I’m not sure what your request is exactly. (There’s no Asana UI element that’s called a “taskbar” so not sure what that refers to.) Thanks!

Hello Phil,

Thanks for the response! I’ll try to explain what I am asking as best I can, however, apologies as I am pretty new to Asana

Essentially, what my team wants to do, is to take the dependencies of a task, and move it to the ribbon of the project. I’ve attached a screenshot below to show what I mean by ribbon

This screenshot is what we ideally want to have happen - to link the dependencies of a task to the ribbon so that everyone can see the task dependencies at sight value. I am wondering if this is possible, or if we would have to do this manually (i.e manually input dependencies in the field and manually put the options)

Please let me know if this makes sense or if you need more pictures or more information. Thanks!

You can definitely add “Dependencies” as a column in the list view; I assume from your screenshot you’ve already done that. That allows you to see and set dependencies without having to go to a task’s detail pane.

I’m confused about this part of your comment, though:

I’m not sure how adding the Dependencies column would help to automate the process of actually setting dependencies; you still have to do that for each task. So I think I’m still not following your thought process here…

When we attempt to add dependencies in the column in list view, a pre-made dependencies column is not popping up. When we set up our own dependencies column, it is not auto-populating to show the dependencies relating to that task.

Could you please tell me how to properly set-up the column to see and set dependencies without having to go into the task detailed pane. Please disregard the confusing part of my last comment. I hope this makes more sense!

Here’s a little Loom video illustrating how to do this. NOTE: The button shown as “Show fields” in the video may be instead named “Hide” in your Asana instance. Asana is running an A/B test on those two different captions to see which one users will prefer.


Perfect, this is exactly what we wanted, thank you so much for helping me out :slight_smile:

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Arrived here trying to figure out how to add Projects to list view.

Hide feature works to show Dependencies and Projects in list view.

Hopefully this little blurb helps point people to Phil’s solution.