How to add a colleague/member to Starred/Favorite list

Stumped - Not sure how to do this. How do you have an Asana teammate show up in Starred in the sidebar? My colleague is asking because he has done this before and wants to add someone else, and I don’t know how he did this in the first place.

Hi @Karen_Fenz !

You can use the search bar along the top right of the interface (or press Ctrl+K) to find the person you are looking for. This should bring up their asana user profile page or their ‘My Tasks’ profile page (depending on whether the user profile pages have already rolled out for your organization, since this is a fairly recent feature).

  • If you get the person’s Asana user page (large photo with their Tasks, Projects & Teams they are members of), then click on the ‘View all tasks’ button on the right of their ‘Tasks’ pane and follow the step below:

  • If you get their My Tasks ‘profile’ page (small photo showing all their current tasks), you will notice on the right of their name, at the top of the page, there is a star - simply click on that to add them to your Favourites/Starred list in the left sidebar, as per your screenshot :wink:

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Awesome! That is what I needed to know. Thanks, Richard!

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You’re welcome Karen!

Your problem inspired me to create a new topic in the product feedback section so that others can vote on making it easier to star other members on the new profile pages.

Feel free to vote too, here: Add a star icon on the new user profile pages to add the member to favorites/starred list

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Hello Richard,
Jumping in.
I’ve added users before and their icon are a person.
Today I added a new person and now, it shows as a Check mark. Also my previous favorite user are now double. Any idea?


Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 2.29.46 PM

Hi @Simon_Cliche , this is indeed strange! I just tried it and it seems like the wrong icon displayed is a bug…

I suggest that you create a new topic in the Report a Bug section and adding the above screen shot with further details (also mention the double users issue) so that the Asana team can look into this further.

I was unsure if it was the new icon of 2023 or a bug. Thanks for clarifying this. I’ll address the issue as you suggest. Thanks for your time. Regards.

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