How the Sales team at Asana uses Asana



This is the fifth post in our “how Asana uses Asana” series! Our first post describes how Asana’s Marketing Team uses Asana.

How Asana’s Sales Team Uses Asana

Our Sales team pairs Asana with a few tools, including Salesforce, to manage their engagement with current and potential customers. In this post I’ll describe our Sales Project Directory and Sales Inbox. For additional resources, I suggest you visit the following Guide article:

Sales Project Directory

Asana’s Sales team uses a project directory so it’s easy for all team members to access key projects. All tasks contain a link to a project within the task description. In order to avoid duplicate names (where the task name is the same as the project name linked within), the task name will be nearly the same, but slightly different than the referenced project.


Sales Inbox

Many teams at Asana use an “inbox” format in order to organize and route incoming requests for the team. The Sales Inbox is a project where anyone at Asana can ask a question or file a request for the Sales team. This project is organized by a custom field for timeline. All new requests are automatically filed into the “no label” custom field, and then the project owner adds a custom field for when the request will be addressed.

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I like this but do you not track the Value of the opps? e.g. $$$$ I’m sure this was sanitized to not broadcast actual values but, part of sales is actual dollar goals. I’d hate to think the values are hidden and you would have to search in each one… having a report that sums them up would be great maybe it’s already available just not aware?