How the Operations team at Asana uses Asana



This is the fourth post in our “how Asana uses Asana” series! Our first post describes how Asana’s Marketing Team uses Asana.

How Asana’s Operations Team Uses Asana

Asana’s Operations team is divided into a few subgroups that are responsible for maintaining our facilities and our IT system in particular. They are the people who make our space as amazing as it is so we can do our best work!

One of the key ways that our Facilities and IT teams use Asana is for requests from the rest of the Asana team. By keeping all requests in one place and using template tasks, Facilities and IT are able to keep their work organized and prioritize work easily. They’re also able to set expectations with the requestor about the amount of time it will take to complete a request through comments, custom fields, and the expectations set in project descriptions. Take a look at the example IT Requests and Facilities Requests projects below.

Facilities Requests
The Facilities Requests project is a space where employees can request updates to our facilities, from a fresh light bulb to a desk for a new hire. When a new task is created the project owner is notified and then modifies assignee and custom fields as needed, and asks follow up questions via comments. We use custom fields to help us prioritize.


Example task 1

Example task 2

IT Requests
We use an IT requests project for all software requests. We have a formal process for requesting and approving new software and this project helps us keep that process organized. People with a new software request will copy the template task at the top of the project and fill out all custom fields and questions in the description. When the template task is copied our head of IT will automatically be assigned the task, then he prioritizes the request and adds due dates.


Template Task

Custom fields

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Great stuff, Ops team!


That’s a great set-up. We have a similar helpdesk system, but I’d much prefer that we put it all in Asana. Maybe someday.