How the Engineering team at Asana uses Asana



This is the eighth post in our “How Asana uses Asana” series! Our first post describes how Asana’s Marketing Team uses Asana. To view all posts visit the asanausesasana tag :slight_smile:

How the Engineering team at Asana uses Asana

You’ve probably already seen how Asana’s product team uses Asana for product road-mapping, sprint planning, and more. Our product and engineering teams work closely together, so they partner on some of the projects you’ve already seen. However, our Engineering team also uses Asana for another fun use case: Grease week.

Asana hosts what we call “Grease Week” to dedicate time to the behind the scenes at Asana. During Grease week “everyone at Asana focuses on making internal-facing improvements. We tune up our processes, fatten up our documentation, and fix up our worn out tools. We address our production stack by adding safety features and improving scalability.” (Check out this blog post for more about Grease week.)

Our Engineering team prepares for Grease week using an ideas or requests project and a planning project.


Project Setup

Individual Task


Project Setup

Custom Fields

For additional Asana workflows for product and engineering, take a look at this article in the Asana Guide:

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