"How Silicon Valley rediscovered LSD" (or, Asana)

It’s not often that you’d see a subject line like this, especially here.

This summer we did a family trip to Portugal. It was pretty magical, I highly recommend Porto, the second largest city, after Lisbon. It’s over 2,000 years old and stunning. Being in Europe, I had a chance to read an article in the Financial Times that was about Silicon Valley tech founders “microdosing” on LSD to “…elevate mood and bring creativity”. Here’s the article online.

And then I read this:

Paul, a start-up founder in New York, says he and his employees are less stressed since they started microdosing. But he couldn’t be absolutely sure about the cause and effect: he thinks it may have also been the project-management app Asana, which they started using at the same time, to keep organised.

I’d love it if Paul acknowledged the fame he gave Asana, with this comment.



Well this was unexpected lol, thanks for sharing! I’d probably put more money on it being asana…but what do I know lol