How set an overall status to entire project


I am using custom feilds but we have about 50 projects and would like to set a status for the project overall. So you can just look at the list and of projects and see whats going on.

Currently we have to keep editing the project name to add some tag at the start witch means you cant see the whole name of the project, and we have a lot of projects that start with the company name the project is for. … So might have 20 of them whos names all start with [pending-go-live-approval]Company Name - project name.

Is there a better way to do this?


I meant here that 20 of them will have the same company name making it impossible to determine what they are with out hovering over each one. So for we only have a small fraction of our project in asana also so the [tag] system we are using it not going to work once another 300 projects come in.


Hi @bhayes and welcome to the Community Forum! As it stands, the best way to indicate the status of your project is to use the “Progress” tab; unfortunately, there is currently no specific feature allowing you to indicate this status in the project title. You could potentially use project title colors to indicate the status of your project (see screenshot below), but I would encourage you to create a post in our #productfeedback category so we can take this feedback on Board when we revisit project status.

On my end, I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as our Team comes up with a feature allowing you to indicate project status at higher level.


The link is broken. Perhaps this is the link she intended


Thanks @Crystal_Alifanow :slight_smile: Looks like I have added a “;” at the end of the article’s link by mistake which explains why my link was broken!


Progress view doesn’t help at all because that view is only available by clicking on each project and looking at them one at a time.

Would be nice to at least have a table view of all projects with that status option next to each one, be able to sort by status and more importantly… set what the status options are same as a custom field as off track at risk and on track are not relevant to us.

There’s no way to group projects either… Could use teams maybe but all these projects are the same for the same team. Just going to have to have 300 projects in this tiny side bar on the left and rename each one with a tag for now :frowning:


Hi @bhayes, There’s a related feature to Progress: Dashboards

It hasn’t been mentioned here so I wanted to make sure you were aware of it. While it does address a couple of your needs, like seeing progress for more than one project at a time, it sounds like it still might not be flexible enough for you so do read on.

An approach that offers quite a bit of flexibility is covered in my two replies to this thread :

Hoping one of those may offer some benefit…

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Thanks Ipb that a good idea adding another task to each project like that.

I tried adding a task called"Project status: project name [status]"

Then I can search for project status and see the status of all the project where this task is present.

It’s still not ideal but this is still a great tip. thanks.

The best option would be to have a view with just a table of all projects sorted by status.

Since status can be set in dashboard view think its not much of a stretch for them to add this in at some point.

Is there a feature requests area for asana?


We are looking at this too. I was thinking that the Dashboard in the paid version would do the trick (and the resulting spreadsheet export). We’re not quite ready to upgrade yet, so in the meantime, we have create an “overview” project board and add tasks. For tasks that are already living in another project, we’re adding multiple projects to the task so we see it in both places. It’s not ideal, but so far it’s meeting our needs. I agree, that a “Project Manager View” (board - or Gantt) of all projects would be really helpful! Thanks for all that you do to make this a useful tool for us.

Feature Request: global overview, table of all projects in the system with status

Thanks @bhayes! You can make request at and then people can add votes.

Until Asana improves this, you can achieve what you mentioned:

This is what I meant by “metadata” in my earlier reply in terms of representing Status, either as a custom field if you are Premium or a tag. If you use a summary project that contains tasks each representing a project, as I mentioned, then you can define the custom field in that project and it might be easier to work with than a search result.


yeah I have custom fields but they don’t show up in the search results. Just the task name is displayed. Custom fields only appear if you click on the individual task and see the details on the right.

The only way to have the status immediately visible is if everyone puts it in the tasks name itself.

So yeah still it a bit fiddly and requires everyone in the office to comply with adding/updating the task in each of their projects.

Thanks for the feedback link I’ll def ask them :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, custom fields wouldn’t be in the search results; that’s why I was suggesting a project of project-tasks, like this:


Just imagine the Priority custom field is your Status custom field. You can see all the values at once, you don’t need to open individual tasks. Further, you can sort by Status. The sections in my example are optional; only if you need another way to organize you list of projects.


Ah i think i get the idea now. Altho I think the other way was better tho as you don’t have to go to the other project to update status and then go back to the project your working on. People can just update that “Project status” task in their individual projects to facilitate the search result for whoever wants the global view.


Glad it makes sense, and I agree–it will be easier for the folks in each actual-project team to make the status update in their context due to the multi-homing.

And it would enable the project summary project members to comment on a project’s status in their context (the summary project). That comment dialog could occur with each set of users coming at the status task from their own context due to the multi-homing, which is pretty nice!

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi Software


Looks like a good old custom dev with the API would do wonders. What about a page where you have all the projects, you click next to each one you want, and that creates a page with a list of the selected projects and their statuses (from the Progress tab) next to it?

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