How Replicated has Benefited from Asana

How Asana has Impacted Replicated:

  • Onboarding is consolidated, transparent, quicker, and easier than any other tool used
  • To-do lists, assigning tasks, organizing projects, understanding timeline, and tracking progress is easy for our whole team
  • Motivates team to check off tasks and get work done on time
  • Keeping track of literally everything is easy even for team members with different learning types
  • Converted people who traditionally hated tools like Asana to become daily users
  • Managing team workloads is easily tracked through Asana
  • Providing a bird’s eye view of project health is easy to do and super helpful for managers/leadership teams

Quotes from our Team:

“Asana has made onboarding and getting up to speed with a totally new career in a new field really easy. It’s a great platform to keep me organized, collaborate with my team, and get my work done.” - Jordan Tennenbaum, Content Manager

“In my daily routine, I’m probably working on at least six or seven large projects at any given time. Asana lets me break down all of my projects into manageable, granular tasks that keep me focused on priorities and exactly what needs to be accomplished next. It’s also proved invaluable for onboarding my hires as our team grows. Plus, anytime I can click ‘complete’ and see an animated unicorn, I know I picked the right project management platform.” David Hallinan, Director of Content

“Asana provides an intuitive and effective tool to manage multiple cross-functional projects and tasks. It also helps provide a clear understanding of workload and easily allows me to shift deadlines and prioritize tasks. As a project manager, this is a crucial tool to have in your toolbox.” - Nicole Troisi, Marketing Project Manager

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Hi @Jordan_Tennenbaum, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

Thank you so much for sharing how Asana has benefited your team at Replicated! :heart_eyes: It is amazing to see real example from users who love Asana and are willing to share!

Thanks, Rebecca!

I’ve used a ton of different software with all types of interfaces, and I have to say Asana has been the easiest to pick up and the most effective at helping me and my team manage tasks small or large. Happy to share more if you are interested!