How many Workspaces can be created by a Free Account?

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I wanted to know how many Workspaces can be created using the free acount?

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I’ll let Asana answer with a specific value, but I was interested in the use case. Do you intend to create many? Why not create Organisations? (workspaces have less features)


I’ve tried to create another team but even using the desktop version the option doesn’t appear on the screen, therefore I’m trying to organize my work in different workspaces .

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Workspaces don’t have teams, only organisations do. To create an organisation you need a domain name and an associated email address. Do you have an address other than Gmail or equivalent?

Hi @Salomon_Kawakami, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

There is currently no limit of Workspaces you can create with the free version of Asana. With that said, free Workspaces have a limit of 15 members in them.

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Bastien, greetings.

There is the company domain but for now I’m using ASANA just by myself.

Thank you for your prompt response.

In that case I really suggest not creating multiple Workspaces, it will be quite hard for you as there is no unified Inbox. If you need Teams, you can create yourself a domain name, or just work without teams. Why do you need teams?

I completely agree with Sebastien here. This would be quite a lot of extra work imo.


For any particular case, just testing and learning about the product.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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