How I view teams I am not in?


how I view teams I am not in?


Hey @rajan :wave:

Could you explain in a bit more detail what you mean? Are you trying to gain access to these Teams or would you like to see which Teams in your Organization exist?

Quick reference point, the public teams that exist in your your Organization appear in your Organizations side-panel if you scroll below your favorite project list. Additional information on how to navigate your sidebar are available at the following link:

Hope this helps though happy to clarify further if need be; speak soon!


How do I see teams that I am not part off?

I am the GM of the company so I dont want to be on every team but I want to see them on my left tab



On the left side panel, if you scroll down under the teams you belong to, you can click on “Browse more teams”.


yes it worked

However I cant see what projects they have?


No you have to be a member of those teams to see the projects.