How I batch tasks in Asana



I’ve recently been on an Asana rampage and made a few videos on how I use Asana. In this post, I share how I apply the concept of “batching” in Asana.

“Batching” is a common term used in the productivity space to describe how you can group tasks together and tackle them all at once to achieve efficiency benefits. For example, instead of responding to email as soon as it arrives and incurring a mental “switching cost” every time you stop what you’re doing to respond, you check email two or three times a day (dealing with multiple emails at once) in order to maximise efficiency.

Please share any thoughts or feedback! :grinning:


I love using batching to reduce the cost of context switching and to provide clear focus for certain times within the day. The most common batch I do is checking email as you mentioned @paulminors, and when combined with time-boxing (another of your recommendations), I find it very efficient to get things done.


@Kaitie after the webinar, I actually discovered that you can add pre-existing tasks as subtasks to another task by dragging them from the project view to the task pane (during the webinar I said you couldn’t, my mistake). This is really handy! :grinning: