How has Asana Academy and Training helped you?

Hi all!

I’m Daniel and I lead User Education at Asana. Our team (including Marie) leads a lot of fantastic initiatives around education and training to help our customers get more value from Asana. However, it’s not always clear to us what impact this is having on our customers.

I’d love if anyone was willing to share how you may have used our courses or training workshops (or even the Forum here) in a way that you believe significantly improved your Asana experience.

Thanks for sharing!


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Hi @Daniel_Quick, Ihave taken all the Asana Academy courses, and read most all Forum posts, and it’s benefited me greatly to learn, solidify knowledge, gain new perspectives, and review or search for solutions/approaches when something comes up. Keep up the great work!


Hi @Daniel_Quick I struggle to get my users to get onto the online courses as they all seem to prefer live or classroom training. I find the forum very very helpful.

Any chance you could run a few Asana customer days in London where you bring lots of users together for advanced training and talking to the Asana product & other teams directly.


To add @Daniel_Quick happy to share a survey with my team if you’ve got one?

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Hey @Daniel_Quick I personally find them great and completed the Asana Together training the find out even more. I do however struggle to get my teams to engage with the trainings. Any suggestions to entice them are welcome!



I’ve spent hours reading the Guide which is very helpful. But once you know the basics, the Forum is the place to go because this is where you find “on field” info, new ideas, new ways to use Asana,…
In my company I guess I’m the only one who followed the courses and read the guide. As mentioned by @Stace and @Khalid_Sharif, users don’t want to spend time on training. They prefer live training and live advices. Thus, in my company I created a team of Asana experts (one per department) so that every users can get quick local answers, and if they don’t know they then ask me. It’s also a easy to follow adoption and get feedback from all teams.
If you’ve got other good ideas I would be happy to know them :blush:


I love the idea of having Asana experts in each department!

Although I just do design in my company I was the first to introduce Asana so I have taken on ownership of the program which falls out of my job scope (lucky I love Asana haha!) and takes up a lot of time.

Did you train your experts one on one or did they use Asana Academy? :):smile:


Yes I understand that it takes time, I also took in charge the deployment of Asana but its not my job too. I was the first to discover and use the tool, and I was convinced it would be great to extend its use, and today we are almost 200, spread over different sites in several countries.
I trained the first experts, and then every new expert is trained by an existing expert. We have today 18 experts. Then local experts train new hires in their respective departments.

I had explained the operation in my company in the following posts:

Do not hesitate if you have other questions.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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I am glad to read your comment along with @Khalid_Sharif Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who encounters resistance to assigning online training. I find that people would rather ask their questions as they occur to them and have me at the ready to reply!


I appreciate Asana Academy a lot. While I have not yet taken all of the courses, what I have taken has proved immediately useful.

I made sure to copy the “Training Schedule” to my team’s Asana and I encourage new employees to take at least some of the classes.


Thank you all for your thoughtful answers!