How find Completed Tasks that still have open Subtasks?


I am fairly new to Asana, but I really like it.

However as I become more dependent on it, I am noticing a few issues that could use some attention.

For example… Yesterday, I discovered a task that had been completed, but still had subtasks that were not complete!!!

I can’t figure out a way to make the “Advanced Search” show me Closed Tasks with Open Subtasks.

I am coming over to Asana from Wrike, and there is no way to check for that in Wrike either.

But, Wrike will give you a pop up if you try to complete a task without all it’s Subtasks being complete.

You should modify the App so when we select “Incomplete Tasks” (View Options or Advanced Search), it will still show tasks that have incomplete subtasks or it will show just the subtasks that are not complete even if it is in a completed parent task.

This is really important for large projects. No one wants to open 50 or 100 tasks & subtasks to make sure there are no missed subtasks.