How does your team manage ever-changing templates?

Hi there! Our team used to create customized templates by launch type, but maintaining them was a nightmare (we are a start-up and growing rapidly, meaning launch process changes often and implement quickly) - especially since changes would need to be manually added to existing projects as well.

I recently thought I was clever and developed a :star2:Super Template :star2: using tags to denote which tasks were applicable to which launch-type. My hope was to be able to duplicate the project & filter on the tag and batch delete anything not needed for that type and therefore only need to update one place as things change. I didn’t realize until after building this template that we can no longer filter a project by tag? I swear this used to be possible?

Looking for advice here - how does your team manage ever-changing templates? Am I missing where the filter-by-tag functionality went? Thanks!

Welcome, @Kelly_Perry1,

Your “Super Template” is just what I recommend too (can I steal the name?!), so I agree with the single-source approach as the easiest way to maintain.

I can’t recall if you could filter by tag, but you can certainly do an Advanced search 1) in that project, and 2) Use the Add filter > Tags > Has tags (or Has all of these tags) to accomplish the same thing.

Another approach would be to use a single-select (or multi-select) custom field instead of tags because that is filterable directly in the project.

Hope that helps,