How does the Inbox work


I have a question about Inbox behavior. Let say today is 4/4/19 and I have a task that is due on 4/4/19. This task is going to appear in my inbox. I follow up on the the task and change the task due date to the future 4/12/19. Now I want the task to disappear from the inbox, I do this by archiving the task. When 4/12/19 comes around will the task reappear automatically??



Welcome :wave:
Yes you archive the message in the Inbox and when the new Due Date comes around you’ll have another notification.

Quick tip: when you change the due date, make sure to push the task to Later (with Tab+L). Then when times come around, the task will reappear in My Tasks. It is called task auto-promotion. The task needs to be assigned to yourself though.



Hey quick follow up question. If the task is marked as complete how come it still shows up in the inbox?



Because you might not have not seen the notification so it stays. The inbox is a stack of notifications you need to dismiss one by one (or archive all).